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Exploring the Boundaries of Design and Development: A Product Designer Passionate about Crafting Seamless Digital Experiences.

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Consistently demonstrated my ability to excel as a team player. Whether it was developing and executing a comprehensive content strategy, efficiently managing and updating social media profiles on various platforms, or consistently generating performance reports, I ensured seamless collaboration with my colleagues to achieve common goals and drive success.

Working in a diverse Enviroment

Taking Ownership & Responsibility


Independently conceptualized and executed a prototype for a service booking website and app, surpassing client expectations by delivering designs that seamlessly combined user-centric principles with their specific requirements, all achieved without the need for direct supervision..

Guiding a team of designers and developers, I fostered a strong collaborative spirit while leading the product team in the development of a coffee scheduling and ordering app, ensuring a cohesive and innovative user experience

soul Coffee

Working in a diverse Enviroment

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